See Sisters Blog Again!

Hey everyone! Are you still there? So yeah, I guess we took an extended break there, huh? Didn’t plan on that. However, with adjusting to the new baby and no sleep and the end of my son’s school year and the end of my husband’s school year and again, a lack of good sleep, I just let blogging fall by the wayside. Which left Susanna writing far more than her fair share (thanks Zuni!) and then ultimately stopping her posting so she could focus on work and travel.


But school is out for the Summer, Mac is now sleeping through the night, and Zuni has returned from her fabulous vacation. So we’re baaaaaaaaack! Yesterday we had a long chat about what sort of pace we can maintain without getting burned out on writing/posting. Makes sense that if we want to have experiences to write about, we need to have time to go have said experiences, right? So from here on out, the posts will be coming three times a week (as opposed to 5-6 per week in the past). We’ve been up to some fun stuff and we’ve got more adventures planned this Summer so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “See Sisters Blog Again!

  1. Melanie Brockman says:

    Glad to see you back! Looking forward to all your adventures.

  2. Rock Brockman says:

    Yah! Welcome back See Sisters! Don’t worry about the blogging hiatus. We all understand. All is forgiven. I’m looking forward to your thoughtful, entertaining reflections and articles.

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