See Sister’s Nail Polish Party

Someone in our house just turned FOUR!


And I knew I was gonna have a baby just before this birthday so I decided months ago to start talking her into a very low-key party. I suggested having a few friends over to paint their nails together. Short. Sweet. Simple.

Lou has been a chronic nail-biter for the past year or so, so I was also motivated to help her break the habit and grow some long gorgeous nails before her birthday. Well, that goal didn’t happen but we still went ahead with the nail polish party plan.


A month before a Mac was born I also came up with the idea to make hand cookies the girls could decorate with candy buttons for nails. I found a hand cookie cutter on Amazon, and so we had a nail-painting and cookie-hand-decorating party to look forward to. Still pretty simple and sweet.

Three days before her party (aka the night before her actual birthday) I went to Target to purchase her gift. Yep, didn’t have our act together on that one. In addition to picking up her birthday treasures I found nail stickers and two crafts that were nails/ hand oriented!

And bam! While no longer short and simple, Louisa’s 4th birthday party was suddenly spectacular!


When the girls arrived they each adorned a page from the Melissa & Doug’s Jewelry and Nails sticker pad. Some (above) were simple…


Others went all out! Is that a necklace in her hair, Gigi?


When they finished those, we started the nail painting. I didn’t see the need for having Anna at our polish station but the birthday girl said she was key birthday decor.


Aunt Sarah gifted Lou the base coat and top coat for the non-toxic kid-friendly ***Piggy Paint nail polish that we love.


Thankfully we had enough mommies and grandmas to help with all the application.


While girls were waiting for their turn to have their nails embellished, they got to decorate a fancy bracelet. No pics of that part (I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off painting Lou’s nails at that point!) but you can see Lindsay’s pink one on her wrist above.


Look at the packaging and trust me, they were cute. Thank you to Melissa & Doug*** for inventing the most perfectly appropriate crafts for this day!


I did make one fatal mistake. We decorated the hand cookies (made ahead of time by my mom- thank you, Juju!) before we ate lunch. See my sample above? Well, the girls weren’t quite as sparing in their decorations.

Showing your age on your fingers is the new black.

Showing your age on your fingers is the new black.

Thus some of the girls got a huge sugar rush before their healthy meal (see Georgia’s hands on the left above). Whoops. Not that I heard any complaints from them.


After some free play and present opening…


We sang Happy Birthday to the beautiful birthday girl. Appreciate her shirt with nail polish bottles – found that (a size too big but whatevs) at Crazy 8 the week before her party.

And it was all done. Seriously, my easiest at-home birthday party prep yet (again thank you to Juju for making the cookies!). Everyone had a blast and what started out simple ended up spectacular! I may need to recreate this one for Gigi in a few years.


***Not an affiliate post! I just genuinely love Melissa & Doug and Piggy Paint!


2 thoughts on “See Sister’s Nail Polish Party

  1. zuni says:

    Soooooo cute. And such a good idea! I want this for my next b’day party.

  2. Melanie Brockman says:

    I’ve never seen a calmer party. The girls were thoroughly engrossed by every activity. I can’t imagine 4 year old boys staying basically around a table for two hours. We all had a great time.

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