See Sister’s Brand New Lamp

Guys! Guys! Guess what, guess what, guess what??

That lamp I was searching for? I finally bought one! HURRAH! Victory in our time!

So which one did I go for? Drumroll, please…

John Lewis Penelope

John Lewis Penelope

I went for the greenish yellow pop of color in the John Lewis Penelope lamp. It took forever for me to get to the shops to actually look at some of these lamps in person to check the colors and sizes. When I decided to go with this one, they didn’t have this color in stock, so I had to go order it online. I finally got it into my flat and on my bedside table this past Monday.

Thus far, I’m loving it. Here it is in situ:

photo1 (1)

I have to tilt it upwards a little more than I would like to get full advantage of the light (it is really designed as a desk lamp, after all), but that’s a very minor quibble. The color is slightly more muted than it appears in that picture above from John Lewis’s website, but I don’t mind that either. Overall, I just love the look of it, and I love having a light by my bed!

I didn’t mention it in my lamp-searching post, but my ceiling light has been pretty sad up to this point. It was just a solitary light bulb hanging from the ceiling. So while searching for a lamp, I was also seeking a shade for that sad light bulb. The height of both my wardrobe and my bedroom door in relation to the placement of the ceiling light meant that my options were limited in terms of size and shape. Therefore, I was looking for something simple and not too large. Joy of all joys, at John Lewis I also found the Gemma Shade:

gemma shaade

It comes in graduated sizes and various colors? Can you guess which color I picked?

That’s right, I went for the same greenish yellow in my beloved lamp:

photo2 (1)

Sorry that there’s nothing else in the picture above to give a sense of size/scale. It proved quite difficult to get something else in the shot that didn’t just look messy and kind of confusing. Trust me, all you really need to know is that it’s so much better than it was.

Most importantly, these two pops of color (lamp + ceiling light) now provide my room with some much needed visual interest. Next up? Some more stuff on the walls and maybe some throw pillows for my bed. Now that I’ve taken the first decisive steps with interior decoration, who knows what could follow!?


3 thoughts on “See Sister’s Brand New Lamp

  1. fixfabulous says:

    Excellent pics all around!

  2. fixfabulous says:

    And by “pics” I mean picks. Whoops.

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