See Sister Consider New Glasses

I’m in the market for some new glasses. This isn’t really a case of wanting to REPLACE my current glasses, but rather, a desire to build my eye-ware wardrobe. Let me back up a little, though, and explain why an extensive glasses collection appeals to me.

I discovered my poor vision and need for glasses when I was about 11 or 12. My first pair were a really super rad multi-colored oval design. At first, I loved the novelty of wearing glasses, but I got over that pretty quickly and started to wish I could shed the dorky four-eyes look and be a “cool girl”. So I asked my parents if I could get contacts, and I wore them pretty much every day for the next 15 years.

But a couple of years ago, I started to get frustrated with my contacts. My eyes felt REALLY dry at the end of each day, which was unusual. And I’m talking REALLY dry, like I could barely make it to 6pm before I was wanting to scratch my eyes out or pour a bottle of water directly into them in an effort to re-hydrate. I tried two different types of lenses and special super strength eye drops to address the problem, but nothing really worked. So I decided to become a full time glasses girl again.

In order to effect this change, I decided I needed brand new glasses. After all, the pair I had (for those rare days when I didn’t wear contacts) were over 10 years old. I think I got them when I was 17. Even though the style had held up remarkably well, I still thought some new ones were warranted.

So I took myself to Specsavers and came out with two pairs (their 2-for-1 deal is quite good, I’ve got to say): one black and one tortoise shell with flecks of green and orange.




Tortoise Shell (I know you really can’t see the green/orange in this pic)

(Sidebar: Selfies are the worst.)

Shopping for and selecting these frames lead to a moment of true self-discovery.

You know how some women are really into shoes and/or bags? And they’re happy to spend lots of money on these accessories to build up a big collection? I’m not one of those women. I like shoes and bags well enough, but I don’t like dropping loads of money on them, and I’m happy to get by with the minimal amount necessary.

But as I was looking at glasses, I had an epiphany: I am a glasses girl. I am totally down with spending money on glasses. They’re an accessory that I will wear literally every day in a very prominent place on my person. Wearing glasses is an opportunity to express my style and personality. I am on board with the idea of having several different pairs to swap out depending on my outfit or my mood…much like some women would feel about bags and shoes!

Soooooo, all that is to say, I’ve long wanted to get a couple more pairs to put into rotation on my face.

The problem is, I go into the shop and I absolutely AGONIZE over which pairs to pick. I had this same problem to a lesser extent when I purchased the two pairs I have now, but on that occasion, I had at least some parameters: I wanted one black pair and one tortoise shell/neutral-ish pair. I also thought if I was getting one square-ish pair, I should get a more rounded style for the other pair. Done and done (see above).

This time around, I’m more inclined to go for some crazy, interesting colors/designs. So, dear readers, I need your help. Much as in my search for lamp (more on that next week), I’m seeking your opinions to aid in my decision-making.

Note: these are all from Specsavers, simply because their 2-for-1 deal is really great and limiting myself to one shop helps narrow down the field. If I looked anywhere and everywhere, I would be even more overcome by choice. That being said, I’m really intrigued by Cubitts, which has a home trial scheme and styles that I really like. I think I might try them in the future, but their prices are higher and the styles are more classic/simple, so they don’t fit the funky bill this time around.

Okay – lengthy preamble. Here’s the short list (click on the pics to see more images on the website)…

1. Kesha


I include these mostly because of the style name – Kesha! But also, they’re a relatively simple look, but the green makes them slightly unique/unusual. Hesitation: my tortoise shell ones already have significant amounts of green in them.

2. Sole


I took Bethany into a Specsavers when she was visiting. I tried these ones on for her and she said, “Uh, no. Have you looked at yourself in those?” It was the harsh get-a-grip advice I was hoping for, but I do still find myself returning to these frames when I visit Specsavers. I’m inclined to think I should just listen to Bethany’s voice in my head, but…well…I just don’t know!

3. FC 109

FC 109

It’s the inside color of these French Connection frames that makes them interesting. The pinky-purple is not hidden in any sense, but it’s not all over and in your face. Unlike the next two options…

4. Gok Wan 64

gok wan 64

These are just fun. My tortoise shell frames are Gok Wan, and I really love the fit on those ones. These are a similar shape, so I think they’d be equally comfy/flattering.

5. Osiris B67

osiris B67

Again, just funky and fun and certainly bold. These really fit the “exciting” criteria, but the shape is nice and classic.

6. Osiris B74

osiris B74

I really really like these ones, but even though they have interesting colors, they aren’t that radically different from my Gok Wan tortoise shell ones. I like them enough that I’m tempted to get them anyways, but I’m torn… Also, you can’t really tell in comparison to the other pics here, but the frames are slightly larger, so they cover more of my face.

7. Osiris B75

osiris B75

And finally. These are the most classic pair of the bunch, but I also really really like these ones. They’re kind of a marbled gray-ish black, so they aren’t a wildly different color. But I really like the shape (more than my current black ones) and the marbled effect does give them a little something different.

Right now I’m tempted to go for one of the pink-ish pairs and either of the last two. It’s just so hard to decide!!

What do you think, dear reader? What’re the best choices or are they all awful? Should I have taken selfies of myself wearing each pair in Specsavers or would that have been just too awkward?


6 thoughts on “See Sister Consider New Glasses

  1. vicki murphy says:

    I love #3 – I think it would be very attractive with your coloring.

  2. fixfabulous says:

    My three favorites are 3, 6 and 1 in that order. 🙂

  3. Melanie Brockman says:

    Did you consider other shapes? I think perhaps that would be a fun way to go. As to colors, you know your wardrobe so go with what you think you’ll enjoy wearing with what you have.

  4. fixfabulous says:

    Rock likes Kesha first then Sole. Louisa and Gigi both like number three the best. 🙂

  5. Fix says:

    I like the French Connection pink/red!

  6. Kate says:

    I like 3 and 7.

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