See Sister Use Spin Pins

Remember Product of the Year? You may have found yourself wondering after reading that post, “Yeah, but do you actually use the products? Do they become your product of the year, or do you get em and then never use them?”

Well, I’m here to report on a POTY that I genuinely love love love and use frequently: Goody Spin Pins.

spin pins 2

Our eldest sister, Bethany, gave these as her 2011 POTY, and I absolutely LOVE them. She gave us each a set of two in a color corresponding to the shade of our hair (therefore, I got blonde, not brunette as pictured above).

Unlike with a typical bobby pin that just grips the hair in one place, the spiral shape of these pins to twist into your hair and grip it from multiple directions. They are utterly genius! And even though the thought of twisting your hair together sounds like it might be painful and potentially damaging, they area actually really gentle and easy to put in and take out. I often find classic bobby pins grip my hair a little too tightly and upon removal take a couple of strands of hair with them. These just spiral right back out.

I liked them so much, I went back to buy another set and found that they also sell MINI spin pins!

spin pins


So I bought a set of those. With these five pins (and a couple of regular bobby pins here and there for loose pieces), I can give myself  a quick, pretty updo that I don’t have to touch again for the rest of the day. They are sooooo secure. I can shake my head violently, dance like crazy, run laps, and they’ll stay in place all day long.



Want proof? Here’s my hair on the night of Beck’s hen party – AFTER I had been to the Candlelight Club and danced the night away:



Yes, there are some loose tendrils here and there, but the overall look is intact after a night of dancing. Full disclosure, I did also have the headband to help secure things on that night.

I’ve done a kind of braid style, too – French braiding my hair on the sides and twisting it together at the back, secured with some spin pins. It’s not completely obvious that that’s what I’ve done in these pics, but you get the idea:



It does help if my hair is curled slightly before I use the pins (for help with that, I use a 2013 POTY: The Herstyler!). It gives the pins something extra to grip since my hair is stick stick stick straight naturally. But they do work with straight hair, too. I use them sometimes for a quick bun style when I’m on the go.



(These pictures are what happens when Louise is not home to take a picture of my hair, so I attempt to do it myself. And then she does come home and I’m probably moving while she’s taking the picture, so it’s blurry. Whatever, you get the idea.)

In short, these little pins are an excellent POTY. When Bethany gave them to us, I had just chopped my hair into a bob, so while I could use them, it was a little tricky. Now that my hair is getting longer again, I’m loving using them on a more regular basis, and I’m excited to start experimenting more to see what they can do.

If you’ve got long-ish hair and like putting it up from time-to-time, go out and buy yourself a set of these today. You won’t regret it!

Have you used Spin Pins? What’s your favorite “updo” style? Share your secrets!


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