See Sister’s Baby!

If you haven’t noticed, Susanna’s been doing all the posting around these parts. Why?


Because I had a baby!!!! Specifically, I had a gorgeous baby boy named Macpherson Paul Fix at 6:53 pm on February 26th. You can call him Mac.


He’s got Louisa’s coloring and hairline, Rock and Fix’s friendly nose, and Gigi’s totally chill personality. Don’t tell anyone (they might stop bringing us meals) but he even sleeps well at night! We will definitely be keeping him!


We couldn’t be more enamored with this little guy – even Gigi was excited to hold baby Mac and gives him lots of sweet kisses. I was worried about how she’d respond to being displaced as the baby of the family so it is a wonderful answer to prayer to have her adore her baby bro. She has also come to his defense and informed me several times that “Mac no want milk, he wants Puh-dee Charms.” Hmmm… perhaps I used the “the baby wants Lucky Charms” line a bit too much in my last days of pregnancy.


The only problem we’ve discovered is that everyone keeps slipping and calling him Mickey. If there was gonna be a next time (I’m 99.999999999999% sure this will be our last child), I’d plan on picking an in utero nickname that is very different from what we plan to name the child.

Speaking of names, I’ll be back soon with a post all about the names we gave our children and the reasoning/meanings behind them. In the meantime, I leave you with another pic of his royal cuteness.


p.s. You may have noticed I am wearing a new hospital gown – I’ll also share more on that in a coming post!


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