See Sister’s Cravings

Okay so I’m totally over being pregnant at this point. Little Mickey can’t come soon enough as far as I am concerned. I’ve tried some of my tricks (raspberry leaf tea, walking, pressure points, etc.) and he just doesn’t want to budge! But instead of sitting around moaning about my current state, I’m gonna focus on something I love about pregnancy – eating!

I do get a little queasy at the beginning of my pregnancies but I’ve never vomited from it and so many ladies have it so much worse than me that I can’t complain. I especially can’t complain after I get past those first few weeks and I can start eating more! And I can indulge my crazy preggo cravings! This time around, eating has been especially wonderful (which could explain my largest-ever size!).

But before I talk about Mickey’s preferences let’s take a walk down memory lane…

When I was pregnant with Rock there was nothing I didn’t love to eat. Orange juice was a vital necessity and fish-n-chips took on a new dimension of delightfulness. Especially the fish-n-chips from Eamonn’s in Old Town Alexandria.

With Louisa I could have eaten Doritos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t worry, I didn’t.

For Gigi, it was Sour Patch Kids (I bought a 7 lb. bag and ate them all by myself – not in one sitting) and S’mores (I got pretty good at making them in the oven).

This time around, it’s been a culinary journey… As I said, I was a touch nauseous at the beginning and chicken grossed me out just like it did for the first trimester of my other pregnancies. But unlike my other pregnancies, where the chicken-aversion went away, this time it has gotten stronger by the second. I feel a small gag reflex just from thinking about other people eating chicken. In fact, I’m worried I may never go back to my beloved white meat. Weird.

But what have I loved? Much like Rock’s pregnancy, almost everything tastes great. Once again, orange juice is the most amazing beverage EVER. And I’ve had some absolutely delightful cravings along the way…

First there was Puppy Chow. Or Muddy Buddies. Or whatever you want to call them. Before Mickey I had never made them but over the past 8.75 months, I’ve made at least ten batches. It is just. so. GOOD! Here’s my favorite recipe – except lately I’ve been halfing the peanut butter.

Then I remembered the wonders of olives. Specifically green Castelvetrano olives. Oh the salty, briny goodness! Just last week my hubs picked up a big ole jar of these at Costco. They are halfway gone! YUM!

Next I discovered Pioneer Woman. I mean, I already knew all about her, but I finally made some of her recipes myself. My husband did not complain. Specifically, her Drip Beef, Sunday Night Stew, and Crash Hot Potatoes. Please go check them out and make one for dinner. They are all SO fantastic – even when I used fake butter and rice milk for the mashed potatoes in Sunday Night Stew instead of her cream cheese and butter and heavy cream.

And as of two weeks ago when I made Greek Chili and added a whole can of extra artichokes, I’m officially in an artichoke phase too. I could probably eat a whole can in one sitting. I also just discovered this recipe via Pinterest. I added extra artichokes and approximately 2 Tbsp honey to cut the acidity of the dressing. I might be nutso about the artichokes now but I think I’ll still love this after Mickey makes his arrival.

Seriously, Mickey. Make your debut. Mommy is ready!


3 thoughts on “See Sister’s Cravings

  1. zuni says:

    What is the artichokes recipe!?! Link please! I’m dying to know.

  2. Melanie Brockman says:

    Hope the chicken issue goes away when the baby arrives. You all are hard enough to cook for without taking chicken out of the mix.

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