See Sister’s Progress

Now that I have exactly 364 days to get my 35 BEFORE 35 LIST completed, I thought it was time to do a little update on my progress. Here my list updated with my current progress.

1. Read through the whole Bible in six months. It turns out that you only need to read 7 chapters a day, not eight. It takes me about 20 mins a day and up until last Friday I was on track. I’m using today (snow day) to get caught back up.

2. Earn the Heart of Leadership for being a Star Stylist for Stella & Dot. Not yet!

3. Sew the girls matching somethings. Pinned some really cute ideas (is the pom pom tutu above not incredibly cute?!) for this one but I have been sewing other things these days so nothing yet.

4. Go to Savannah, GA. If this happens, it’ll be this Summer.

5. Paint an abstract painting for our bedroom. Not yet.

6. Make a pattern of my Hospital Gown to share with the world. Well, it turns out, I didn’t actually save the pattern from last time so I’m making a new pattern from the hospital gown. I made the pattern pieces on Tuesday night and I have the fabric to sew a new one so now I just need to cut it out and then remember how I did it last time. This will most likely happen after the kids go to bed tonight. Then later I’ll work on the “share it with the world” part.

7. Finish my desk. No progress yet.

8. Get some simple, face-framing highlights. Yay! Done! And I still love them!

9. Read the Books “Angle of Repose” by Wallace Stegner and “Bridge of San Luis Rey” by Thorton Wilder and discuss them with my dad. Haven’t read much of anything since the New Year started.

10. Organize our collection of digital pictures. I erased some duplicate shots from the past year the other day but there are miles (and miles and miles!) to go before this can be checked off!

11. Finish Juju’s Quilt (Juju = my mom). No real progress yet. I’ve been sewing other things.

12. Try raw oysters. Waiting ’til after the baby comes.

13. Take Rock to Ford’s Theatre. Hasn’t happened yet.

20130123 January 085
14. Make Susanna’s Birthday gift. Done and done!

15. Find a bold lip option. It looks like Bare Minerals has some new bold lip options but when I saw them on Tuesday, I had my girls with me and we were all craving a nap so I decided not to stop in.

16. Make spaghetti sauce from scratch. Did a practice run at Carla’s house at the end of January but I haven’t gotten the written recipe yet so I haven’t tried to make it by myself.

17. Go on a date to the Newseum with Fix. We had a lovely date downtown in early January but it wasn’t at the Newseum.

18. Clear out the pantry and donate items to The Bowie Food Pantry (a non-profit that provides food for families in need in our community) at least once a quarter. I donated items in January in one big clean-out. Since then I’ve given a few extra additions as I found more extra food (and got some formula for the baby which I won’t need).

19. Go to a Speakeasy. Still pregnant. Still can’t drink. Still haven’t done this.

20. Get a mirror cut to fit the inside space of the wooden door in our living room. No progress on this yet.

January 20140131 007
21. Go through baby girl clothes and decide what to save/ give away. Went through two boxes of little girls baby clothes then I decided to pause that to focus on prepping for the baby boy who will be here soon! It didn’t take long so I’ll be back at it soon.

22. Do a Color Run. So, in doing research on Color Runs, it appears all the ones around here take place on Sunday. This presents a lot of problems, not least of which would be that I believe Sundays are the Lord’s day and I love our church and wouldn’t want to miss it for even one Sunday. So I’ll see if I can find a Saturday Color Run or I’ll pick another “fun run.” Perhaps a Turkey Trot or something else like that?

23. Rearrange our sleeping quarters. Baby’s not here yet so we haven’t changed anything yet. We ARE borrowing a co-sleeper from friends so the space our little guy needs to sleep won’t completely overtake our room.

24. Take Louisa to a professional ballet. No tickets booked yet but Lou has really really loved ballet the past month and she has seriously improved since the Fall. Makes me even more confident that she would love this!

25. Buy a LARGE gift from the World Vision gift catalog at the end of 2014. The only progress on this is that I’ve decided I want to give the funds to provide a ger (and furnishings) for a family in Mongolia.

26. Pay for a new stove and refrigerator. We were blown away by a surprise gift from someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) that enabled us to buy a stove that not only works but matches our dishwasher. Needless to say, we feel immensely spoiled when we walk in our kitchen. No money saved for a fridge at this time.

27. Baltimore date day with Fix. Not yet.

28. Redo our coffee station. Big progress has been made on this!!! Juju (my mom) has stripped all the paint and sanded the console to prep for new paint. I’m still debating the paint color (leaning towards black) and debating whether or not to paint or stain the top. Thoughts?

29. Paint our bedroom “Nimbus Cloud” grey. It’s still too cold and I’m still too pregnant to paint.

30. Have 25 families from church over for dinner. Haven’t hosted anyone yet. Uh oh.

31. Journal. This journal is just as awesome as I thought it would be. So far, I’m up to date.

32. Write at least three thank you notes/ personal notes a month. Wrote three notes in December and three in January and one thus far this month. With baby gifts starting to roll in, it’ll be easy to be grateful and stay on track!

33. Try a Barre class. My BFF Annie has promised to take me to a free (for me, the visitor) Barre class at her gym. That’ll be a fun way to check this off the list post-baby.

34. Take the family to Disney World. No progress.

35. Learn the choreography to “All the Single Ladies” by Beyonce. It would be terrifying to attempt this in my present physical shape so I’m not even trying to get this started!

So that’s where I stand now… A few things done, a lot of things not done, pretty much up to date on things that need to be maintained (Bible, journaling, food pantry, thank-you notes, etc.), and a lot of work to go. Good thing I choose this year to rise to the occasion.

Anyway, I also thought I’d give you a little update on my before baby plans. I’ve been much more successful here!

Bring baby boy clothes down from the attic and put them in the drawers/ closets they belong in. Done and done.

Bring down baby swing/ carseat/ carseat-compatible stroller/ Boppy other baby gear I brought some smaller things down but most of it I just set right next to the opening into the attic so we can grab it when we are about to leave for the hospital.

Pack bag for hospital including:
(1) Gifts “from Mickey” for the older kids. Found gifts for the girls at Target so we are all set! I also picked up travel sized hand sanitizers for the whole family so the older siblings can help keep the germs away from Mickey.

(2) Gifts for nurses This time, I’m giving them Stella & Dot travel candles.

Sew a new hospital gown and make the pattern to share with the world (part of my 35B35 list). Again, I hope to do this tonight!

Make some costumes for Rock’s school’s play. Done with my main responsibility. Now I’m just doing small little jobs -adding ruffles, hemming, etc.- to help out as much as I can before Mickey comes.

Transfer my files to desk and get rid of the extra filing cabinet in our room. Never been so happy to throw some stuff away and make space in our room. And before I could even post to the free section of Craigslist, someone picked the filing cabinet up from our curb!

Get a massage. My wonderful husband and parents and in-laws went in together to give me a “Maternity Soother Spa Day” for my birthday yesterday. I can’t describe how magical it all was. The massage, the facial, the mani, the pedi, it was all too too wonderful!


Have a mommy-son/ mommy-daughter date with each of my older kids. Fix and I took Rock out to dinner together last week. We decided to do the dates together with each of the older kids. Still gotta get to the girls!

– Clean out the fridge/ freezer. Not yet! Uh oh!

Get baby girl stuff out of the attic and give it away. See above – started this!
Finish Juju’s quilt. Nope – not yet!
Blog ahead. Nope – but I’ve brainstormed some ideas!
Give myself a mani-pedi. Again, this was included in my birthday Spa Day yesterday so my nails are ready to greet Mickey!

That’s the state of things here! How are y’all doing on your New Years Resolutions?!


5 thoughts on “See Sister’s Progress

  1. Melanie Brockman says:

    I’m impressed with your diligence to get so much done while feeding and clothing three kids and a husband. I’m yours to command when you need some little ones out of the way.

  2. Megan says:

    You make me tired just thinking about it all!! You are doing an amazing job getting things done!

  3. Suzanne says:

    In reference to a bold lip color, I would try Buxom Full-On lip polish. I think it’s made by Bare Minerals. It has lovely bold but sheer colors, it’s got a little tingle with a little bit of plumping. It’s actually replaced the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie as my new fave!

    • fixfabulous says:

      They have a model with an awesome bold red lip in their window display right now that I was definitely staring at when I was at the mall. There is a chance I might be child-free (well, free of the older three) tomorrow night so maybe I’ll pop over to Bare Minerals and check it out. Thanks for the recommend! πŸ™‚

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