See Sister Search for a Lamp

The title of this post should really be “HELP Sister Search for a Lamp”. Specifically, a bedside lamp.

As Rachel mentioned in her post about my birthday art, my room is rather sad. The walls are bare (minus my new art), my bedding is plain, the colors are neutral. This has been the case in every room I’ve had in London (this is room #4). In the first two, my reluctance to decorate/invest definitely had to do with the fact that I didn’t know how long I would be staying. I was a student for the majority of that time, and I thought I might only be in the country for a year. With that kind of time frame (and a student budget), I was not going to put any serious expense into making my bedroom more homey.

In my third room, I always had great ideas about what I would do to make the room more “my own”. I’d put up some wallpaper! I’d buy some throw pillows! I’d invest in some art!

None of these things every happened. My room remained a blank canvas for the (almost) two years I lived in it.

All that is to say, I am determined to actually make an effort with my current room. Of course, I say that after having lived in this flat for more than a year and basically making no effort whatsoever. Hmmmm. Problem.


See! Boring bedding, plain walls (minus new art). Those pictures/drawings on the right of the bed are of/from my nieces and nephews, but when Louise bought new curtains for my room last year, they got half covered up, and I’ve never even been proactive enough to move them. I’m the worst.

The real focus of this post, though, and the point of that picture above is to talk about my need for a bedside lamp. Almost as soon as I moved in last year, I decided I wanted one. The light switch is on the opposite end of my bed, so if I ever want to read in bed, I have to then get up to turn off the light before going to sleep. That’s a nuisance. Plus sometimes it’s just nicer to have some softer light in your room.

So yes, I need a bedside lamp and I have gone out to look for one a few times over the past year, but I am always overwhelmed by choice. So many options! What do I want!? What do I need!?

That’s where you guys come in! I need help deciding what style of lamp is best in that space.

photo (1)

Please ignore the horrible quality of this photo.

Things to keep in mind:

1) My bedside cupboard is rather small. No, I don’t need to have that power strip or that stack of books there all the time, but I do want enough room to keep at least one book on my nightstand, so the base/overall size of this light can’t be too big.

2) My headboard is grey; my curtains are shades of grey/white/blue; my bedding is currently white/offwhite (with a set of blue sheets that gets rotated in sometimes). So I have a neutral palate to work with, but I don’t want anything too crazy to clash with it.

3) I view this lamp as a gateway decorative item, the first step in creating an amazing, thoughtfully decorated room. I plan to buy some throw pillows; maybe some new bedding; and some other things to put on my walls. This lamp is an important purchase around which I will build this new paradise. No pressure.

Soooooo, here are some of the options I’ve come up with. Let me know what you think and suggest anything else (Please! Really, I need help!!).

1. John Lewis Penelope Task Lamp

John Lewis Penelope

It comes it a few colors, but I think I like the idea of a strong contrasting color like the one above.

2. Peeta (not to be confused the Hunger Games character)

lamp 5

Again, I like the bold color as a contrast to the neutral tones.

3. Evie

lamp 4

Comes in some different colors. Slightly different – but I’m not sure how I feel about the same-y-same base and shade. And I’m not really sure how I feel about the base, period.

4. Black Parquet Walnut Lamp

lamp 3

This is from It’s a cool website that sells things by small, independent companies/makers – things that you won’t find in a regular shop on the high street or at the mall. The maker of this lamp is Hunkydory Home. They have lots of different types of items and lots of fun patterns that I really like. I just worry that a busy pattern on the lamp could clash with the curtains.

Those are only a few of the options I’ve come across. And I am totally overwhelmed. Help me, dear readers, help me!!


9 thoughts on “See Sister Search for a Lamp

  1. fixfabulous says:

    I like option #1 best. I think that will work best with the blue in the curtains but still be a fun pop of color. Option #2 is my second favorite because it’s a pop of color and it has a small base… But I worry about the shade of the pop of color. Does it come in different colors?

    I also love option #3 but worry about the size of the base. Of course you could put something interesting – a little figurine or a bud vase or a small book/ stack of books (not sure how big that space is at the bottom) – into that space to give it a purpose. I actually really like that idea. I wouldn’t worry about the base/shade matching thing.

    And while I like the last option – I think the shade would fight for too much attention in the room and the wood might look bad with the wood on your bedside table. So I guess I’m saying – go bold or go home! I like the yellow options best!

    • zuni says:

      Good idea on the books in the base! I am worried about what the actual cord looks like on that one. I haven’t seen it in person, so I’ll have to go check it out.

  2. Rock Brockman says:

    I would suggest that one of those itty bitty book lights would do the job. They illuminate the page you are reading and nothing more. It would take up the minimal amount of space on the bedside table. But something tells me that you are not looking for the utilitarian solution, you want a design statement.
    Actually I might warn you that a good reading lamp can lead to insomnia. My philosophy is that you go to bed to go to sleep. You train your body that when you brush your teeth and climb under the covers it’s time to shut down. When you start reading or watching TV on a regular basis, the the body doesn’t know if going to bed means to fall into a stupor or that it needs to be alert. So when you NEED to fall into inconsciousness you might not be able to.
    Think carefully about this purchase.

    • zuni says:

      Rocket, the reading in bed ship has long ago sailed for me. I am never gonna be able to break that habit. But I appreciate the theory behind training oneself to sleep in bed. And yeah, I’m not getting an itty bitty book light.

  3. Becky says:

    I was thinking orange or yellow before I even saw your pictures!!! I personally like the orange one best (it looks like the Pixar lamp, and who doesn’t love that little guy?!?). But, the second yellow one is really cute too and would take up minimal counter space because of the great design of the base.

    • zuni says:

      I’m gonna have to decide which color I want as an accent throughout. I like orange a lot in my wardrobe, but I might like the yellow better for decor. I think the orange one did come in a yellow shade, too… Hmmmm.

  4. Melanie Brockman says:

    I think option 1 is a desk lamp to light work lying flat. Option two with the swivel has better options. I think it would be helpful to have dimensions, but it looks like option 3 might be too short. Could you bring two home to try and return the one you don’t like? Looking forward to the new room reveal.

    • zuni says:

      The links will take you to the web pages with dimensions. The first is definitely a desk lamp, but it has a swively neck thing, so I think I could direct the light where I want it.

  5. Nikki Q says:

    I like the first one but I’m not a fan of yellow. Blue or red make a great accent color. I don’t know the color blue in your curtain but I like royal or teal with gray.

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