See Sister’s Many Makeup Brushes

I’ve already told you how I’ve got a lot of scarves. Let me tell you about something else I seem to have an excessive amount of: makeup brushes.

For my face alone, I’ve got FIVE different brushes. But let me explain why this is not excessive, and why each of these brushes is useful everyday.

photo (6)

I never thought I had too many makeup brushes until my friend made fun of me for having so many (I obviously have not even mentioned the ones I use for eyeshadow). The thing is, they’re each used for something different and even with so many, my makeup routine only takes about five minutes in the mornings.

I use Bare Minerals makeup (which I loooove). That means I apply foundation, bronzer, blush and an all-over mineral veil every day. In order to keep my brushes relatively clean and to make sure the right shade goes in the right place, I have a separate brush for each step.

Step 1: Foundation
Brush: Full Coverage Kabuki

photo (5)

I use this little gem to buff my base color (I’m a Medium Beige) all over my face. Gives me complete coverage and an even skin tone.

Step 2: Warmth (aka bronzer)
Brush: Flawless Application Face

photo (3)

I use this (very lightly) to give my face a little contouring and color. It’s especially nice in the depths of winter when I’m feeling pale and sickly.

Step 3: Blush
Brush: Angled Face

photo (4)

Used to sweep my blush upwards on the apples of my cheeks – for that healthy rosy look.

Step 4: Hydrating Mineral Veil
Brush: Full Flawless Application Face

photo (1)

This powder gives me a finishing touch. Swept all over the face, it softens everything and gives a little bit of a glow to my complexion.

I can do all of that in about 3 minutes – then another couple minutes for eyeshadow (if I’m wearing it – most days, I don’t) and mascara (an ABSOLUTE must – I feel naked without it).

On special occasions, I use a luminous finishing powder which has a little bit of sparkle in it. I have a special brush for that, too.

photo (2)

This Soft Focus Face brush is light and delicate. I use it to apply the luminous powder to the highlights on my face, which guarantees I glow on the day/evening in question.

I love my brushes, and lately, I’ve been trying to take better care of them. I used to rinse them with water every once in awhile (though not nearly often enough) to clean out some of the built up makeup. About six months ago, I looked really closely at my kabuki brush and was disgusted by the amount of built-up makeup in the bristles. It actually made me shudder to think I was wiping the same old makeup and bacteria across my face every day. So I dumped that brush and bought a brand new one, along with this little product:


I try to use this every month or so to give the brushes a good deep clean and get rid of that build up of old makeup. You pump some out onto a paper towel or cloth and wipe the brush back and forth over it. It breaks up the makeup and cleans out the brush.

photo (7)

You are left with a really disgusting paper towel, but at least you’ve got a clean brush!

I still rinse my brushes with water every once in awhile, but the brush cleaner helps to give them a necessary deep clean from time to time. When helps keep my morning makeup routine quick, clean and pretty.

What about you? Do you have numerous makeup brushes? If so, how do you clean them? Or do you favor the disposable sponges option? Has the word “makeup” become meaningless to you after reading it so many times in this post, as it has to me after writing it over and over?


4 thoughts on “See Sister’s Many Makeup Brushes

  1. fixfabulous says:

    We’re so similar. I do Bare Minerals too (and LOVE it too!) and I’ve got 4 makeup brushes for face stuff. And I too have been disgusted by the amount of old foundation/bacteria lurking in my brush. One key difference – I bought some cleaner but I can’t say that I’ve used it. Uh oh. 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    an inexpensive and super effective method to clean your brushes is to wash them every few weeks with warm water and baby shampoo (rinse and repeat until the water you wring out from the brushes comes out clear again). the baby shampoo is gentle enough that it won’t harm your pricey brushes BUT definitely gets the bristles super clean. reshape the brush after you wash and then leave them out flat to dry so that water/bacteria don’t pool up in the shaft of the brush. good luck!

  3. Nikki Q says:

    I love makeup brushes too. I used to use shampoo to clean them. Now I use Mary Kay brush cleaner – it seems similar to the one you have.

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