See Sister Get Mickey’s Clothes Ready

Once again, Mickey is not the name we will be giving our 4th born child. It is his in-utero nickname. Just wanted to make that clear. Anyway, it dawned on me recently that Mickey just might want to wear some clothes when he comes out of the womb. And the closer his arrival gets, the more panicked I have become about having those clothes ready.

The good news is that I saved almost everything Rock, our firstborn, wore. The bad news is that Rock was born in September and he got SUPER chunky SUPER quickly. This baby is arriving almost 6 months later in the year so regardless of how big he does/ doesn’t get, it’s safe to say, not all of Rock’s clothes will work for Mickey. So I’ve felt extra pressure to get this done ahead of time and see if I need to purchase anything for the little guy.
January 20140131 007
But I can calm down a bit now because today, I did it. I climbed up into the attic to find baby boy stuff! I had to work on it in spurts throughout the day but it only took ONE day to get it “done enough” for his debut.

To go about this I did first things first – deciding which boxes to drag down. I choose the four below.January 20140131 040January 20140131 041
If you can’t read them, I grabbed the “0-6 Months” and “6-12 Months” clothes boxes and the “Boy Burp Cloths and Receiving Blankets” and “Boy Accessories” boxes.
January 20140131 070
I should pause here and say that when I realized we needed to have clothes ready for Mickey it simultaneously occurred to me that we might need to find a place to put said clothes. So we cleared some space in our new IKEA wardrobe(thank you Rocket and Juju!) for the little guy. Some on Fix’s side in the top two sliding drawers (pictured above with some stuff we’d already collected for Mickey and our clothes steamer)…
January 20140131 064
And some on my side. The bottom drawer — which is filled with clothes for Mickey from his cousin Sumner — and the hanging space were designated just for him.
January 20140131 073
As I worked on this today, I found myself wishing that I hadn’t picked the hanging rod since we don’t really need to hang any of his stuff yet and when we do, we can hang his items in the kids room. Instead, I wish that the other drawer I bought from IKEA had actually come with the hardware it needed so we’d have more drawer space. As you will see by the end of this post, we’ll be completely fine with this arrangement, but hopefully I can get my rear in gear and exchange this drawer before or soon after he arrives. That way we can spread out his things a little more.
January 20140131 080
So why did we put his stuff in our room? Well, next to the wardrobe is our bedroom door and just outside our bedroom door is our changing table. Yep, it’s in the hallway at the top of the steps. It’s not pretty but it’s what you gotta do when you are cramming 5.5 people into a two story townhouse. The drawers below are currently filled with Gigi’s clothes (3 drawers) and lightbulbs and stuff. Yes, I realize that I should probably do some changing around/ organizing and put Mickey’s stuff out there. But this post isn’t about what I haven’t done, it’s about what I did!
January 20140131 046
Whether in the hall dresser or in the wardrobe, I quickly realized there was not enough space for the 6-12 month clothes to remain downstairs before they were needed. So I didn’t even open that box — it went immediately back up into the attic.
January 20140131 055
Then I sorted the clothes into piles for Newborn, 0-3 month, 3 month, and 3-6 month.
January 20140131 052
I also made two piles (warm weather and cool weather) for the clothes that were clearly NOT going to work. Most of those were because they were the wrong size for the season. For example, there is no way he will be that little when it’s Halloween time. But a few of them were rejected because I just wasn’t really loving them anymore. It has been 6 years so people and styles change.

Surprisingly, I think a fair number of Rock’s items will work for Mickey. I might have to layer some things that didn’t need to be layered with Rock but overall, we’re in pretty good shape! And even more surprisingly, sorting all the clothes and the blankets/burp cloths only took me about 20 minutes tops.
January 20140131 075
It might have taken even less time if I hadn’t stopped to ooh and ahh over my favorites. The flutter in my heart that I get when I look at these little shoes and think of Rock’s chubby feet inside them is well worth the Gap kids price I paid for them!
January 20140131 068
I kept taking walks down memory lane thinking of the sweet things we did for our firstborn boy. Yep, I sewed that ribbon on those burp cloths (background) to personalize them and Fix and I made those ‘manly’ camouflage blankets (foreground) for Rock.
January 20140131 076
Next, I opened the Boy Accessories box and started searching for shoes and socks. Then I realized that the smallest socks and shoes were already separated for me! Kudos to you Miss Organized Rachel who put those away so nicely 5.5 years ago!
January 20140131 077
Rock’s head started small but like I said, it grew QUICKLY. In fact his body is still trying to catch up. Being so top heavy means he’s super smart, but it also meant he never really wore any of these baby hats. We’ll see if Mickey gets a chance.
January 20140131 086
Before I put his things in drawers, I pulled out some stuff for the hospital. I put burp cloths and blankets and handgloves (so he doesn’t scratch his face off with newborn nails) and real gloves and various sizes of clothes (so I’m covered if he comes out bigger like Rock or littler like my girls) into a plastic bag with a navy blue fuzzy carseat cover, labeled it “FOR THE HOSPITAL BAG” and chucked it up in the attic right next to the entry so I can grab it and pack it up easily.
January 20140131 095January 20140131 097
Then it was time for stuff to go into drawers. On Fix’s side, it was steamer and burp cloths/blankets in the top and long-sleeved shirts/ pants/ long-sleeved sleepers and onesies in the bottom drawer. The shoes and socks (still in bags) and bibs and hats and short-sleeved onesies will be residing in my bottom drawer. All are currently labeled with lovely handmade painters tape tags because I’m not wasting my good labeler on what could easily change around completely before/after the baby is born. This works for today.

January 20140131 088
Anyway, the boy boxes also got temporary tags reading “Consignment Ready” and they were sent back up to the attic to wait for me to decide if I’m gonna sell them/ donate them/ give them away to friends/ whatever. While up there I grabbed the girls 0-6 month boxes and brought them down to check for gender neutral stuff.
January 20140131 094
Found a bunch of longsleeved white onesies (yay!) and a few gender neutral outfits.**
January 20140131 092
I also found a motherload of pacifiers. Guess which pile is for Mickey? The bonus was that I pulled out the girls clothes that I wanted so save (only two or three outfits each from this size range) for heirlooms and now those baby girl clothes boxes are ready to donate/consign/give away too!
January 20140131 066January 20140131 074
So, now the boys clothes are at least ready enough that I’m not panicked about him coming. In fact, if you couldn’t tell from the excessive pictures of baby stuff, I’m quite thrilled about getting to use Rock’s old things. And Sumner’s old things (both those adorable shoes and the stack of bathing suits above are from him!). And the new sweet layette that Juju bought him for Christmas. The more baby prep I do, the more I long to meet our baby boy! I would say “Hurry up, Mickey!” but you saw my post on Wednesday. I’ve got a lot left to do.

But like I said, it’s late. And tonight, I’m reveling in today’s clothes-down-from-the-attic success!

**For the record, the clothes are much whiter/cleaner and the pacifiers are a lot less dirty than they look here. My flash is busted on my camera and these were taken after the sun set.


2 thoughts on “See Sister Get Mickey’s Clothes Ready

  1. Becky says:

    Yay! Well done, my super organized friend 🙂 Just FYI for the hospital, AAMC has a group of ladies that makes little hand mittens for newborns 🙂 Ask for a pair–they are super cute!

  2. zuni says:

    Wow! Very productive!

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