See Sister Make Pre-Baby Plans

So I was gonna write a post about how difficult it is to just get my kids out the door and how I am taking steps to manage try to manage that process. But alas, we haven’t been going out the door much lately. We’ve had a bunch of snow and FREEZING cold weather in the DC area recently AND the Fix household has been “blessed” with a stomach bug that has cycled through the whole house. So, no post about getting out the door with kids. I’m rusty on that right now.

2011 Thanksgiving and Christmas 135

Instead, I thought I’d share my list of things I wanna accomplish before Mickey (in-utero name for Baby Boy Fix) makes his big debut sometime at the end of February/ beginning of March. And no, cutting my hair short and taking pictures of myself wearing ugly sweatpants in the middle of the night is not on my to-do list. I’m just adding some pictures of the last time I had a baby for visual interest.

Although my technical due date is March 4th, I am completely convinced he is gonna come early. So I am in quite a panic about the things that I want to get done before he comes.

2011 Thanksgiving and Christmas 143

Anyway, without further ado here’s what I hope to accomplish before Mickey arrives:

– Bring baby boy clothes down from the attic and put them in the drawers/ closets they belong in.
– Bring down baby swing/ carseat/ carseat-compatible stroller/ Boppy other baby gear (I honestly might wait on this until we are about to leave for the hospital because I don’t want it sitting around the house!)

2011 Thanksgiving and Christmas 191

– Pack bag for hospital including:
(1) Gifts “from Mickey” for the older kids. It’s our tradition that the new baby brings something for his/her siblings. I read when Lou was born that this would help with the jealousy/ nervousness about a new baby. I had completely forgotten about this until Rock wondered aloud the other day “I can’t wait to see what toys Mickey will bring us.” Already have one for Rock but I need something for the girls.
(2) Gifts for nurses (usually I do Pepperidge Farm cookies and put a homemade “thanks for helping us with our baby” tag on them)

2011 Thanksgiving and Christmas 205

– Sew a new hospital gown and make the pattern to share with the world (part of my 35B35 list). I’d love to make something cute to wear for Mickey’s debut but I am 100% okay if this one doesn’t happen — I’m just putting it on the MUST DO list so hopefully I’ll make time to do it.
– I am responsible for making some costumes for Rock’s school’s play The Music Man. The play is the last weekend in February. MUST get them done ASAP!
– Transfer my files to desk and get rid of the extra filing cabinet in our room. We will have a cosleeper (thank you Annie) in our room for the first few months so we need the extra space!
– Get a massage. I’m putting this under must-dos ’cause I’ve never had a prenatal massage before, and I’d really like one. Especially since I’ve been SO uncomfortable recently. It’s the only thing on my birthday wishlist.

2011 Thanksgiving and Christmas 110

– Have a mommy-son/ mommy-daughter date with each of my older kids. To give them a special memory before I don’t have much time for them and to get them to open up about their thoughts about Mickey coming. I am most concerned about doing this with Rock as his love language is quality time. Yes, that pic of Lou is from our date to Claire’s/ Panera right before Gigi came and yes, she was a BABY when I had another baby!
– Clean out the fridge/ freezer. It needs to be done. Ideally I’d fill the freezer with freezer meals but who has time/energy for that?!

– Get baby girl stuff out of the attic and give it away. Or at least sort it so I’m ready to give it away.
– Finish Juju’s quilt. Hahahahahaha. Sorry Juju – I am truly doubtful that this will happen. But it would be great to check it off my 35B35 list and great to not have to work on it with a newborn.
– Blog ahead – as in write out a few future posts for this blog so I don’t have to worry about it when I am extra tired/ busy with Mickey in his first days/ weeks.

2011 Thanksgiving and Christmas 154

– Give myself a mani-pedi. It was a major bummer to me that I had to look at my gross unpainted toenails when Gigi was born. After having everything perfectly arranged including toenail polish that matched the brand-new hospital gown I made for Lou, it made me feel so unprepared to be unpolished for Gigi’s debut! Also, I painted my own toes the day before Lou was born and I’m certain that contorting my body to do it helped labor start. If for some crazy reason I don’t have the baby early, I know that I can add this to my list of tricks to get myself to go into labor the first week of March.

So, is that too much? Too little? You tell me ’cause my preggo brain is fried! One thing I know is that looking at these pictures from Gigi’s birth makes me SO excited to have another baby soon!!!


2 thoughts on “See Sister Make Pre-Baby Plans

  1. zuni says:

    Ummmm, you only “hope” to blog ahead?? This should be your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Weak sauce.

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