See Sister Get Surprised

And now we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming blogging for an important announcement. Susanna is turning 30 tomorrow!!!!!
I’ll write more on the subject on her birthday tomorrow but first I wanted to share her most amazing surprise gift. Bethany, our oldest sister, surprised her for her birthday by coming to London to visit. Isn’t she amazing?! It is quite the awesome gift and I am so jealous of the time they are spending together.
But the best part of all, was that I didn’t ruin the surprise before she went. I was totally paranoid that I would accidentally spill the beans at Christmastime. Or in an email. Or on Skype. My pregnancy brain is so foggy this time around I was just sure I was gonna do it and Zuni would have to fake surprise.

But you can’t fake this:
The sheer delight is awesome! Happy Happy day-early Birthday to you Susanna! LOVE YOU


3 thoughts on “See Sister Get Surprised

  1. zuni says:

    I was REALLY, really, really, really, reeeeeeeeeaaaaallly surprised. I had absolutely NO idea. It was a perfect birthday present. Amazing.

  2. […] we mentioned that it was Susanna’s 30th birthday on Tuesday? And did we tell you that Bethany surprised her? Well, I always say that one day isn’t enough to celebrate my a birthday. And I think […]

  3. […] delicious food came courtesy of Louise, who didn’t feel that her organizational role in the Best Birthday Surprise Ever was enough of a birthday present. She treated me and another friend, Sarah, to Bea’s Burgers […]

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