See Sister’s Scarves

I realized the other day that I have a LOT of scarves. Like really – a lot.


This realization wasn’t accompanied by the thought, “Good grief – I should really get rid of some of these.” Instead, I thought, “Hmmmm, but I don’t have enough infinity scarves/snoods; I don’t have a [insert random color] one; and I’m still hoping that one I saw at [insert shop name] goes on sale.”

So it seems I’ve got a bit of a scarf fetish. I’ve never thought of them as one of my primary accessories, but the evidence suggests that they are. In the winter, I wear at least one scarf every day. Sometimes I have two on at once if it’s really cold – one underneath my coat for insulation and another over the top, doubled up around my neck to keep out the icy chill. And with London weather, it’s entirely possible in any given year that I’ll still be wearing scarves in June.

So this short little post is to highlight some of the scarves in my collection that I’m really loving at the moment. I’ll spare you a comment on every single one and just stick to the ones I’ve got in heavy rotation.

This season, Gap has had some AWESOME scarves. Really bright colors, suuuuuuuper soft textures, nice long lengths. I’ve had to stop myself from buying a million of ’em. But I did get a bright blue/green one and a pink one – both of which I’m totally digging wearing as a pop of color over my neutral coats.

photo (2) photo (1)

Talk about neon!

Another bright scarf I love and only bust out on the reeeaaaally cold and dismal days when I need the warmth and the color is this knitted, chunky, acid yellow infinity scarf.

photo (3)

This photo doesn’t do it justice – the color is really bright and intense in person. Think highlighter yellow.

Then there’s this reliable ole’ neutral toned scarf that my Aunt Valeta gave me years ago (knitted herself, if I remember correctly!). The colors are muted blues and greens and purples and grays all mottled together.

photo (4)

It’s great for those days when I need something a little more subdued and really warm. The other advantage of this one is it’s extra long, so it can be doubled up and wound around for additional warmth.

But it’s not always necessary to have a woven, super warm scarf. Sometimes, you need something a little lighter. Part of my bridesmaid gift from Emma last year, was this pashmina:

photo (5)

Again, I don’t know that the color really translates in that pic. It’s primarily orange and black, but with tan and yellow flecks throughout. I LOVE this scarf. I wear it all the time. It’s thick enough to provide some useful warmth, but it’s also lightweight enough to be worn indoors as part of an outfit. I love it as some colorful interest with a black dress, or even as a contrasting pattern with stripes or polka dots. It’s great.

And at Jane’s recent wedding, I got another great pashmina:

photo (6)

The beading on this one means that it won’t be an everyday scarf, but I’ll be busting it out for special occasions. And the color is to die for.

I haven’t even touched on the lightweight scarves in my collection that have limited warming benefit and are truly meant to be used as an accessory only. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of those, too. This is just a glimpse into what is – surprisingly – a significant segment of my wardrobe.

What about you? Are you a scarf fan or do you have a different accessory of choice? Do you have a favorite way to tie your scarves?


4 thoughts on “See Sister’s Scarves

  1. fixfabulous says:

    I am suddenly feeling the need or more scarves. I probably have 7 but apparently that won’t do! I wanna be cool like you – well, actually, warm(er) like you. 🙂

  2. vicki murphy says:

    I love scarves, but I always forget about wearing one until I get to work and see others wearing them and looking really put together. I guess my brain is too fuzzy in the early hours. I think I need to put them in a more visible location instead of in a drawer.

  3. Melanie Brockman says:

    I’m getting more into scarves. Rachel taught me and Lindsey H how to braid a scarf which Lindsey helped me do this week. I’m trying to branch out from my boring one way of wearing them. I do like the warmth factor and the way a scarf can brighten an otherwise dull outfit.

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