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Hello dear readers (aka Mom)! Today we’re taking a pause in our regularly scheduled posting to thank you for reading! This blog is still in it’s early days, so we’re not expecting legions of fans and it’s particularly encouraging when one of you mentions that you’ve been following or that you liked something on the blog. Please keep the verbal support coming and feel free to comment on individual posts (hint, hint – if you’re not already commenting, we’d love to hear from you!).

If you don’t already follow the blog by email, you can sign up at the bottom of the home page. Just keep scrolling all the way down and click the “follow” button. You’ll be notified every time we post something new!

And did you know you that the blog is not the only place where you can keep up with us? Yes, this post is a shameless bit of self-promotion, but we just want to make sure you’re aware that you can find us elsewhere on the interwebs via computer, smart phone, whatever.

So here are three other places where you can check in on what we’re doing:

1. Pinterest


If I’m honest, I am not the Pinner in this family, but Rachel is and her pins/boards are super cool. I know there are millions out there who totally love Pinterest, so if you’re one of those people, check out our boards and pin away! You can find us under See Sister.

2. Instagram

Some of you already follow us on Instagram (thanks for that!). We’ve been using it to give sneak peaks of our blog posts once they’re up as well as other things we’re up to/will blog about in the future.

New Picture (1)

Our username is seesisterblog. If you’re an Instagrammer, get on there and follow us!

3. Facebook

Last, but not least: Facebook.


Rather than posting links to all of our blog posts on our own newsfeeds (we don’t want to annoy the people who aren’t interested in the blog (could such people exist!?)), we’ve set up a brand new Facebook page for readers to follow. We’ll be updating this page with every new blog post.

New Picture (2)

If you Like the page, you can follow us there, too. It’s another easy way to be updated when we’ve posted something new.

Soooooooooooooooooo, tell your friends, share the page, etc. etc. Help us get the word out!

And THANK YOU for reading.


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