See Sister Make Her Breakfast

So let’s talk about breakfast. Most important meal of the day, right? Right. The problem is I am not a morning person. Just getting out of bed and making it to the shower is a struggle for me, how am I supposed to budget time for a well-balanced breakfast in the mornings? Not to mention, I’m usually not very hungry when I wake up, so I am not dying to shove food in my mouth (though I could definitely do with coffee first thing!).

All this means that for awhile I got into the habit of buying my breakfast on the way into work. After all, by the time I was seated at my desk, I was actually hungry (and reeeeaaaally in need of that coffee). I’d stop at Starbucks or Pret or Caffe Nero and buy myself a coffee* and a muffin/croissant/yoghurt/porridge [aka oatmeal]. Obviously, this was both expensive and – more often than not – unhealthy.

One of my favorite things to get was the “Brunch Pot” at Caffe Nero.

photo (6)

The Brunch Pot is a little cup of blueberry compote, yoghurt and granola – all meant to be mixed together in a tasty swirl. I became sort of semi-obsessed with them for short time. But they are sooooooooo overpriced for what they are. The cups are SMALL and they cost more than £2.00 each. Good grief.

I realized that I could make a version of these little pots at home. A version that would cost less (for more!) and would probably even be healthier. Soooooo, I did! And I continue to do so.

Here are the three simple steps to creating a “Brunch Pot” at home:

1. Make the fruit compote.

Okay, so this step is actually several steps together, but it’s very simple. You only need four ingredients – fruit, sugar, lemon juice and cornstarch.

photo (1)

I pick whatever fruit looks good on the day. I usually go for berries, but I’ve done peaches and plums, too. My favorite variety is probably blueberry.

Dump the fruit into a saucepan and sprinkle with a dusting of sugar. I try to go light on this, but some fruit needs a bit more sweetening. Let it start to break down over a medium heat while you make a slurry from a little lemon juice, water and cornstarch (or another thickening agent). I pretty much eye-ball everything, so I’ve got no amounts to give you. It also varies depending on how much fruit you have. When I first made this, I used a recipe I found on Annie’s Eats. I just stopped referring to it after I’d made it a few times and got the gist. If you want an actual recipe, you can check Annie’s out here.

photo (4)

Mix it all together and let it bubble away. I use a spoon to mash up the fruit a little as it goes. Let it simmer for a little bit so that it thickens up. You don’t want jam, but you don’t want syrup – go for a thickness somewhere in between.

2. Put the compote in an airtight container.

And pop it in the fridge to use in the coming days.

photo (2)

I use this little jar that was originally for my pie weights, which are now stored elsewhere. This is a small batch 0f compote. Usually, I’d fill it closer to the top. If it’s completely full (probably a little less than a cup), I get through it in about two weeks.

3. Make your yoghurt pot.

Every morning, I pull out all my ingredients for assembly.


I use low fat natural yoghurt or regular Greek style yoghurt – depending on my mood – and whatever granola/crunchy muesli I can find at the shop. I like ones that have a good balance of nuts and dried fruit – for interesting texture. For the same reason, crunchiness is imperative.

Then it’s just a case of layering – compote, yoghurt, granola.

photo (3)

I use the same glass jam jar everyday. I pop it in my bag and carry it to work with me. Once I’m seated at my desk, I mix it all together and enjoy!

photo (7)

And that’s it – three steps to a yummy, cheap, healthy breakfast!

For awhile, I was making these little pots, but continuing to buy my coffee on the way into work. But that was still painful on my wallet. Last year, I bought this Bodum travel press.

bodum travel press

So now, I put some ground coffee in the press each morning and carry it with me to work, too. When I get to work, I add hot water and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with my yoghurt pot. It’s perfect.

photo (5)

Breakfast solved!

*Yes, we have coffee in the office. It is revolting.


4 thoughts on “See Sister Make Her Breakfast

  1. Melanie Brockman says:

    You’re an industrious and thrifty girl. Fits with the theme of financial responsibility and could go for a new year’s stay healthy resolution.

  2. Rock Brockman says:


  3. fixfabulous says:

    That looks SO YUMMY!

  4. hannymarie says:

    Hehe I love you; I’m going to try that. I miss you. The end!

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