See Sister Get Subtle Highlights (35B35)

I’m SO EXCITED about this post folks. I have officially completed one of the items on my 35 Before 35 (35B35) List!
If you recall, #8 on my list was: Get some subtle, face framing highlights. I wanted highlights like the girl has in the picture above – not too crazy so I wouldn’t have to have a hair appointment every five days to keep my roots from showing. As far as the color was concerned, I wanted something more like this:
So I called up my hairstylist, Stephanie. I’ve known Stephanie ever since she was little. She was actually Susanna’s friend growing up and they once made a restaurant in our basement called “Java Heads.” All they sold was soup because “Java means soup.” But I digress…

In the past few years I’ve gotten to know Stephanie pretty well as we were both bridesmaids in our friend Becky’s wedding. Although Stephanie’s not “doing hair” full time right now, she has a loyal band of clients who come to her mini-salon in her apartment to get their hair done. I am one of those loyal clients.
Thankfully she could squeeze me in on Wednesday night so I went to her place and we looked through her haircolor samples. After some debate – where Steph wisely told me go lighter than I wanted – we settled on Redken’s Chestnut Brown 07NB.
Then we took this fabulous “before” picture before she got to work. Just kidding about the fabulous part. I thought my striped maternity sweater walked the line of “horizontal stripes aren’t usually flattering but this one is cute” but it doesn’t. So ignore that and focus on the hair. Also please ignore the double chins.
Then the usual fun stuff occurred. Foil with bleach and Stephanie smiling in the background. Then she mixed up the color and put that on for 15 mins or so (no pics of that). And then she rinsed and cut and styled my locks and I went home.
The next morning I woke up and did a lot of examining in the mirror and concluded that I LOVE MY HIGHLIGHTS!!!! Seriously, Steph did exactly exactly exactly what I wanted. If you guys live in the DC/Bowie/Crofton/Annapolis area, you’ve gotta start going to her. Her rates are fantastic and she’s fun and again, she gives you exactly what you want.

And the reactions I’ve gotten? Well, the kids were a bit weirded out by the new color (“Mommy! Your hair is turning light brown!”) but they’re over it now. My husband doesn’t really love highlights on me at all. He loves my dark color. But he said “They are definitely the best highlights you’ve ever had. It doesn’t change how I feel about highlights but those are really well done.” I think that’s the highest praise he’ll ever give.
I went to the book study that I am leading on Thursday morning and NOT ONE WOMAN made a comment about my hair. I consider that a success. I was terrified of getting highlights where everyone would say “WHOA!” I wanted it to be subtle enough that it looked natural and again, Stephanie delivered! Did I mention that I love them?

Best of all, I’ve got one thing crossed off my 35B35 list! Only 34 left to go! How are you doing on your goals/ New Years Resolutions?,


4 thoughts on “See Sister Get Subtle Highlights (35B35)

  1. zuni says:

    Aw snap! Looks goooooood!

    Also, I think it needs to be said that Stephanie was the one who defined java as soup. The rest of us were completely stumped by the question, “What is java?”

  2. Becky says:

    Love them! And you know I love your stylist too 😉

  3. hannymarie says:

    I love it!!! And way to cross something off your list! Whooo hoooo!! Next step?! OYSTERS!!! Haha

  4. hannymarie says:

    Yaaayyy you did it! Congrats on completing your first item!! Next step?! Oysters!!

    Hahaha jk! Wait for me! And I am glad you like your hair. It looks great 🙂

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