See Sister Sport a Christmas Jumper

Yes, a jumper, not a sweater. I generally try to maintain my American accent and words while living amongst Brits, but when it comes to Christmas jumpers…I just can’t call it a sweater. “Christmas Jumper” just sounds so much more quaint and cosy and holiday-ish than “Christmas Sweater.”

Anyways, while I know that Christmas sweaters are a thing in the States and people certainly have the whole Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties, Christmas jumpers seem to a be a much more serious thing over here. Most people seem to own one, and often, it’s not an ironic, jokey sweater. Of course, there are the funny, kitschy ones too.

All that is to say, I’ve been observing Christmas jumpers quite a lot since the start of December. And last Friday, I went to an engagement/Christmas party where the hosts especially asked us to wear Christmas jumpers. So while chatting, milling about and dancing, I scoped out the various types of Christmas jumpers on offer…

A note on my pictures, I decided instead of being the person who asks everyone to pose, I would take (most of) my pics from behind the Christmas-jumper-wearer in question. This was also useful as I didn’t know all the people at this party and to awkwardly explain to them that I needed a picture of their jumper for a blog post seemed like more trouble than it was worth. So instead, I weirdly took pictures of strangers from behind…without their permission. Shut up.

Soooooo, onward to the jumpers!

There’s the muted color scheme with a picture/figure woven in – playful but safe:


The more openly funny/cutesy variety, as Fiona sports on the left:


Yes, the carrot nose on her snowman actually sticks out. Super cute.

Dani (on the right above) went the sparkly route. As did Jess:


She embraced the kitsch in her antlers and later when she took off the jumper in the heat of dancing – note the t-shirt AND Christmas tree earrings.


Observe Dani’s sparkles in better light above – and her festive hair bow!

The most popular Christmas jumper variety, though, is the Christmas-adjacent pattern.

Like snowflakes (sort of):

photo-21 photo-18

Or reindeer:

photo-22 photo-24

Louise didn’t come to this party, but she did buy a Christmas jumper (of the sparkly variety) this year, so she threw it on and posed for a special photo session next to the Christmas tree she purchased for the flat. Sadly the sparkles don’t come through very clearly in this pic, but trust me, it’s sparkly.

photo-25 photo-26 photo-27

And what of my Christmas jumper you ask? Well, I totally failed to get a picture of myself in my Christmas jumper. But fortunately, I did get this video of me dancing with Phil – one of the party hosts. So you can see my jumper in movement, but in bad light.

Phil is really great dance partner.

What about you? Do you have a Christmas jumper/sweater? Do you go for the tame or the bold variety?


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