See Sister Find Space for Her Spice

In an effort to streamline my kitchen, I’ve been trying to get things off of the countertops. That way we’ll have more space for food prep and things will look less cluttered in general. This started last year at Christmas when I asked for a new wall-mounted spice rack option.


But I never picked one and the one I was given (above) was not what I had in mind so I returned it and tried to find something better. It’s been a year and I’ve come up with nothing that feels quite right.


Now I’m pregnant and I’m in the nesting phase. Otherwise known as the freaking-out-’cause-the-baby-is-almost-here-and-we-have-no-space-for-anything phase. So I decided once again that our spice rack had to go.

It’s 11 years old now and I think I’ve cleaned it twice in those 11 years. Don’t judge. The problem is I’m always using it when I’m cooking so it’s hard to not get it yucky. The other problem is that I’m a horrible cleaner but we won’t talk about that.


And you can’t read most of the labels anymore. Anyone need some B_ _ _ _?  So anyway, I came up with a solution and here it is…


Yep, I got rid of it. Completely. The thing is, even though I had the cute (well, it used to be cute!) one out on the counter with most of the spices that I usually used, I still had several other spices (and extras of the spices that were in the cute rack) in the upper cabinet next to my stove.

And even bigger containers of extras (thank you wholesale clubs with super huge spice bottles!) in our pantry.

It really wasn’t hard to find containers and space to fit the spices from my old rack into the upper cabinet. Some of the in-cabinet spices were way too old to use so I dumped out the old contents, washed them and refilled them.


Can you tell what this Rosemary jar used to contain?


My favorite part was that in the process I discovered I had three (yes, three) jars of ground ginger and three containers of black pepper. Whoops. So I consolidated the extras and put them all in the pantry and labeled what was in my cabinet with MORE IN PANTRY post-its so I don’t make this mistake again.


Now the bottom of the upper cabinet is for savory spices (curry, cumin, basil, oregano, thyme, etc.).


The middle shelf is for baking-type spices (cinnamon, all-spice, nutmeg, etc.)


And the top shelf is for baking supplies (baking soda, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers, tubes of completely-not-natural-icing, etc.).  Full disclosure, I actually didn’t touch this top shelf so when I get around to cleaning that out I’m sure I’ll find some more old stuff I can dump. Then I’ll have even more space up there.

By no means is my spice cabinet pretty.  But it’s inside a cabinet so it doesn’t have to be!  And I’m completely at peace with that!  I can save the money I would have spent on a spice rack to do something else.  Like maybe buy these boots…


Just kidding.  Those boots cost more than any spice rack option I considered.  But aren’t they lovely?  Santa?  Someone? I wear an 8.5.

Anyway, I love the fact that my counter is empty…er. And that when I stopped to analyze that little annoyance of an ugly old spice rack that cluttered up my countertop, I discovered that the solution was already there in my kitchen! I already had the space for my spice!

Have you solved your own kitchen space dilemmas recently? Do you always want to spell dilemma with a silent “N” like dilemna? Do you hate your spice rack?


One thought on “See Sister Find Space for Her Spice

  1. Melanie Brockman says:

    Remember the fabulous spice cabinet at one of our beach rentals? I really should have figured out what brand of cabinets those were because it was genius.

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