See Sister Wear Tights

I’m a dress/skirt girl – both at work and at play. I literally don’t own a single pair of trousers. I own jeans of course, and I wear them on the weekends or the occasional casual Friday, but I am infinitely more comfortable in a dress or skirt.

Living in London, that means that more often than not, I am also a tights girl. It’s cold here in the winter…and the autumn…and for at least part of spring…and sometimes in the summer, too. I’m lucky if I get a good month of no-tights weather in a year.

But I’m picky about my tights. I like them dark and opaque – usually black, navy or brown. It should be noted that I am absolutely 100% completely and totally against flesh-colored/nude tights or (shudder) hose. They are the WORST. I feel like they make me look like a figure skater or an 85-year-old. Other people may be able to carry them off, but they are a total no go for me.

And I really like the look of a dark leg. When tights season starts up again each year, I am genuinely happy to pull a pair on and hit the town, but the monotony of dark colors gets old fast. Dark tights tend to translate to a dark wardrobe. My autumn/winter/(sometimes) spring laundry loads tend to be 75% tangled tights – all in dark shades, mostly black:


A dull, dark tangle.

Which means that I’ve probably been wearing black, navy, brown, grey dresses and skirts with an occasional dose of orange, which seems to be the only color in my wintertime wardrobe. It’s a daily routine of (mostly) dark colors. Booooooooooooooooooooring. Seriously, sometimes my wintertime wardrobe depresses me to no end – so much of the same and all rather dull.

But lately, a trend for colorful tights seems to be sweeping across London. My friend Jess wears them on the regular and has a mantra of “Bloom Through the Gloom”.



(Note: no offense to Mitch who was cropped out of the left hand pic or Dani who was cropped out of the right hand pic. I like you guys a lot, but the focus here is Jess’s tights!)

I’ve decided to try and embrace this trend. Maybe by having more colorful legs, I will be inspired to add other more colorful items to my winter wardrobe. Even wearing them with my standard black, navy, brown dresses will help to reduce the boring sameness of my weekly attire.

So far, my colorful tights wardrobe is made up of this:


Hmmmmmmmmm. Not a great start, but I’m aiming to pick up a few more pairs and then (hopefully) my winter wardrobe will feel a bit more enlivened!

What about you? Are you a tights wearer? Have you embraced bold tights?


4 thoughts on “See Sister Wear Tights

  1. Melanie Brockman says:

    I like to see my girls embracing color. Thanks to Jess for being a trendsetter.

  2. fixfabulous says:

    I am inspired. But I’m not sure I want to waste the money on maternity colored tights so I might have to wait until next Winter.

    How do you feel about patterned tights?

    • zuni says:

      I like patterned tights in theory. But in practice, I feel like I usually look dumb in them. I do like them on other people (not all patterns, mind you), so maybe I should venture more into that territory.

  3. Once I discovered plush tights, it opened up a whole new world to me of being able to wear tights comfortably! Pair that with the recent increased availability of sweater dresses and I am in comfort heaven! I am very proud to say that I own a pair of tights in plum and one in peacock blue. As you mentioned, Susanna, they really only work with dark or simple dresses, so I only ever wear them with either my black sweater dress or my grey one. My favorite brand of these tights is Legale (I think that’s it?) which I found at Marshalls for $5.99.

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