See Sister’s Simple Mascara Tip

Mascara. Don’t leave home without it.


Okay I do sometimes leave home without it. But I don’t like to. To me, it’s the number one most important beauty item. What a huge difference it makes to my eyes. With just a couple swipes, I go from tired to terrific. Worn-down to Wowza.

Well, it might not be that much of a miracle worker, but I do like mascara a lot.

And I recently read a fun tip that’ll save you money and make your mascara last longer. It’s too simple and fabulous not to share.


When your mascara starts to get old and clumpy but it’s not quite to the three-months-old-time-to-replace date, carefully drop 4 drops of saline solution into the tube. Put the magic mascara wand back in and swirl it around a few times and voila – your mascara will last for at least another month.

Using this tip, I’ve been able to stretch my mascara tube usage from once every three months to once every 4.5 months. It’s not a fortune, but it does save some money and every bit counts, no?

What about you? Got any mascara tips? Seriously, I wanna hear them.


6 thoughts on “See Sister’s Simple Mascara Tip

  1. Melanie Brockman says:

    Good to know

  2. Rebecca Twigg says:

    If you heat the tube of mascara with a hair dryer for about 10 seconds, it also has the same effect: gets rid of thee clumps and goes on smoothly. Just be careful not to overheat; Eyelids are extremely sensitive and burn easily!

    • fixfabulous says:

      That is an excellent tip Rebecca! Unfortunately I usually do my make up in the car (at stop lights!) on my way to do something. But I’ll try this the next time I put it on at home. šŸ™‚


  3. Nikki Q says:

    A way to help not to get the clumps in your tube is to twist as you pull it out. Do not pump – pumping increases oxygen getting to your mascara which increases the clumps.

    • fixfabulous says:

      I know about the no-pumping rule and haven’t pumped my mascara wand since at least 2003….

      But the twisting idea is a good tip I’ve never tried. I’ll put it to use this morning.

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